Cyber Nerds 

 the experiment CC0 NFT project on Optimism | Public goods and Dao

Are you ready to join CyberNerds gang?


Mint Price : 0.0088 ETH

Total Supply : 4444

Chain : Optimism

Mint revenue

51% to Optimism public goods

5% to American Redcross via eth address

and royalty will go for public goods

Introducing the CyberNerds story 

Wanderers, explorers, pioneers and all kindred souls, we welcome you to the world of CyberNerds. Journey with us through worlds and galaxies where timeline is measured in lightyears. Together, we will travel worlds where anything and everything is possible. No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, you are welcomed in the world of CyberNerds! 

What is Cyber Nerds?

CyberNerds is community-focused on the Optimism network. We aim to contribute and build a community where everyone can share ideas, fun and alpha news together 

Why Optimism?

We believe that Optimism is the future, with low gas fees and speedy settlement. Optimism also focusses on donating to Public goods

Building Community

We aim to build the CyberNerds Dao community, in which all CyberNerds holders can vote on what to do with the treasury assets. 15% from mints and 40% from the loyal fee of secondary sales will go to the Dao treasury. Surfing the crypto space together is Dao’s priority

Public goods and charity

We are an experimental NFT project on Optimism which aims to build the Web3 community. Contributing to the Public goods, sharing opinions and having fun together is the cornerstone of our community, and we will never forget why we built this NFT collection. Hence, 51% of the mints revenue and 38% of secondary sale revenue will be donated to Public goods. Additionally, 5% from mints will go the American Red Cross.


Before public mint

20% Minted 

25% minted 

50% minted

75% minted 

100% minted

Future Roadmap

PS. Please note that policies may change according to change in strategies, the NFT scene, and what we believe will be best for the CyberNerds community in the long-term. We will announce any changes or updates to our policies



founder : the guy who really love crypto world especially Optimism network and public goods stuff



artist : enthusiasm drawing guy, Graphic designer, u can call me 'BoS' 


What is CyberNerds?

CyberNerds is community-focused on the Optimism network. We aim to contribute and build a community where everyone can share ideas, fun and alpha news together.

How the mint revenue is distributed? 

Every 25% of mints, dev will withdraw the asset and distribute to those addresses above here

How royalty is distributed from 5% royalty?

What can I do with my CyberNerds? 

You are free to do anything with CyberNerds. Please be reminded that this is a CC0 NFT project

What is Uitilities? 

Holder exclusive Discord channel which will share news about crypto space, whitelist, giveaway. 

Is CyberNerds a good investment?

CyberNerds is an experimental project which aims to make Dao and earn revenue from royalty fees. As it is based on NFT, investors may be interested in joining and exiting as they see fit. We will vote on how the asset from the Dao treasury will be used and will invest parts on Public goods. Please invest at your own risk


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